There are many unwritten rules for how someone should behave while they are being held in jail. If someone you care about has been arrested and has never been inside a jail cell before, they could be in serious trouble unless they get bail posted quickly.

Conduct: Frightened inmates may say or do things which could endanger them while in jail. This usually occurs when someone doesn’t understand what is happening to them. If someone has been arrested for the first time, they may experience extreme anxiety or feelings of terror. The sights and sounds of observed in jail can amplify these feelings. Fear may cause poor decisions to be made which in turn can make the situation even worse.

Talking to Inmates: Talking to other inmates can be a very bad idea. Some inmates may be hardened criminals who have committed multiple crimes. We have jails to keep dangerous people off the streets. While in jail, you could be rubbing elbows with gang members, thieves, rapists or even murderers. Getting out of jail fast can limit your exposure to these types of people and therefore decrease your risk of getting into trouble.

Talking to Police: The police may tell someone you care about they can go sleep at home instead of in a cell if they confess. Unfortunately, police are allowed to lie. That’s right, even though it is against the law to lie to a police officer there is no law that says the police cannot lie to you. Talking to the police is a very bad idea unless a lawyer who supports your best interest is with you. It’s a constitutional right to have a lawyer present during questioning. However, it’s even better to be bailed out of jail than to wait for a lawyer to show up. We bail people out of jail fast!

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